Prayer for Fathers Everywhere

Holy One -
we come today to pray
for the fathers of this world,
who daily struggle to provide for families,
to care for and nurture their children, 
and for whom the responsibility can be too great.
Bless all the fathers 
that, daily, hold their children in wonder,
sharing with them Your Love.
Bless all the fathers -
even those who are absent -
Open their hearts and minds to Love.

Bless all the families
of fathers who are in eternal rest.
Give them joyous memories,
strength to carry them through the days ahead, 
and the balm of Your Love to soothe their grief.

Creator of All -
we come to you in prayer
for all the fathers of this world.
Hold them in Your Hand,
give them wisdom, strength and gentleness,
so that they may be models of Your Love
to their children, and their children's children,
now and for years to come.



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