Rites of Passage

Photo Credit: (c) 2017 L M Neas

Each year at this time, young people graduate from high schools and colleges. This is a rite of passage for these young people. The door of childhood is closing as they are guided into the world of adults, hopefully with the tools and wisdom that will sustain them through the rest of their lives.

Let us pray -

Great Teacher of All that Is,
bless these young people, near and far,
as they take their first steps of independence.

Watch over them as they test themselves - and the world;
bless them with wisdom to know when to stop,
and when to go forward;
bless them with courage to say, no,
and to fearlessly say, yes, to the challenges 
before them; 
bless them with open hearts and minds.

Protect them, Dear Blessed One, from harm,
from despair and from bad judgement.
Surround them with your angels - 
both ethereal and corporeal -
to guide them through the dark tunnels,
twisting paths and confusing mazes of life.

Holy Educator, we give thanks to You
for all our children.
Help us to let go of their hands,
while gently touching their hearts,
as they move on ahead of us,

When these precious young people 
march across the dais 
and onto their own unique paths,
bless them with your Love, Light and Wisdom.



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