What We Do For Others...

Photo Credit: (c) 2017 L. M. Rhinehart Neas

Whatever kindnesses we do for others, we do for the Divine, which is what we read throughout the sacred scriptures of almost all faith paths. As children growing up with a vivid imaginations, we may find it easy to see the Divine in others. However, as we grow older, more occupied with the trails and tribulations of life, this ability wanes. 

How can we meet others in a continual spirit of Love and Compassion? How can we keep our inner eyes open to seeing the Divine in all, even those who are difficult to care about in this world, now? 

First, as always, we must see the Divine within ourselves. Each of us is born with this Sacred Spark within us. This is what helps us to feel the pain of others when they suffer, and the beauty around us when we are in nature. This is what brings us joy.  If we feed our spirits, the spark can become a beautiful, loving Light. If we continually harden your hearts, ignoring the pain and suffering around us, the Light can be extinguished.

Creator's Light is not meant only for some or only given to some. Everyone has it. Everyone has the ability to share it and nurture it. Passing on the Light only makes it stronger within you; you don't become depleted. 
So, once we see the Light within ourselves, then we can begin to see that Light within others. Start by sharing the Light with those close to you - family and friends. Then, go out into your community. Finally, when we join together, our combined Light can brighten the darkness in our world like the rays of the early morning sun that blaze through the darkened forest.

We must remember, whatever kindness we do...be it a simple smile, a helping hand to an elder as they make their way across a busy intersection, a ride to the store, the time to listen to a child, a story read before bedtime, a meal to sustain someone during hard times or a visit to someone shut in by illness...we do for the Divine, because the Divine is within each of us. Often, what we do is seen by others, which in turn helps them to see the Divine in others. 

May we all see the Light within our own spirits and share that Light with all those we meet along Life's Path, allowing the beauty of Love and Peace to ripple throughout the world.

Blessings to all!

Other Ways to Share the Light

  • Teach an elder how to text their grandchildren
  • Join in a clean-up campaign in your town
  • Thank those who serve you, like waitstaff, nurses, custodians...
  • Bring flowers and a thank you note to the staff of the local school even if you don't have children because, too often, these are people who never get thanked
  • Brainstorm with your children ways to show gratitude to others, like mowing an elders lawn without looking for pay or cleaning up the local playground
  • Send flowers anonymously to a friend or acquaintance
  • Hold the door open for others, even when you are in a hurry
  • Smile at strangers you pass on the street
  • Give you seat up on a bus or train to a young mother, an elder, or someone who looks exhausted by Life's demands
  • Help someone reach the items on higher shelves that they cannot reach


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