The Blessings of the Mundane

Today, I took a vacation day. I slept late, lolled in bed for a bit soaking up the quiet. When I did get up, I took my tea and rice cake out into our garden (pictured above) and sat sipping the Assam tea. Birds chirped and tweeted around me. The bees were already busy visiting each blossom of lupine and nasturium. 

After breakfast, I made my bed, ironed clothes, hung out wash and did a bit of gardening. As I was hanging out the second load of laundry, I suddenly realized how happy I felt. Yes, I was happy at hanging out laundry! As I stood there, clipping towels to the line, I realized I was actually happy making my bed, ironing clothes and doing the dozens of mundane chores most of us do automatically.

You see, for me, this was a treat. At 8:30 in the morning, I am usually standing before a classroom of adults, teaching English. My day is filled with meetings, teaching, planning, discussing, more planning and assessing. Once I get home, I am either preparing for evening class or finishing up whatever work I didn't do before I came home.  Very seldom do I get the joy of hanging out my towels or washing my dishes.  I know this sounds crazy to most, but honestly there are blessings here.

How? Let me explain.  As I hang out the clothes I get to absorb the sights and sounds of my yard. The birds, the little ones next door laughing and squealing with joy. I get to smell my roses as they open after a long winter. I see the blueberries, plump and green at the end of stems waiting to ripen in the sun.  These, for me, are blessings. 

As I sit here writing, I again see blessings. I have just come from a long walk around the neighborhood. I feel good. I have the energy to sit and write this post. What a blessing!

May we all have time to stop and see the blessings that surround us, daily.  May we give thanks for each, no matter how small or mundane. May we breathe in the joy of ordinary tasks and breathe out the stress and strain of everyday life.  Blessings to all!


Anonymous said…
You got a very good website, Gladiola I noticed it through yahoo.
Barbara Bruneau said…
This is one of the posts featured in "Friday Festival" on I couldn't find your Facebook profile to tag you in the RevGalBlogPals group.

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