There Is Always Hope

When life gets too much for me to deal with, I often retreat to my garden. Within the confines of arborvitae, lupine, rose, daylily and all the other perennials growing there, I find peace and strength. 

One of my favorite actresses, Audrey Hepburn said, "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." I had never thought of it that way, until I found myself out weeding and pruning this year.

Being in the garden, tending to the needs of my flowers and plants, weeding, pruning and planting seedlings was all an act of great faith. Why bother to plant if tomorrow wasn't possible? 

I believe tomorrow is possible and that tomorrow can be better than today, which is one of the wonderful things about hope. When we have hope, we dream of possibilities. 

As Emily Dickinson wrote,  

I dwell in Possibility – 
A fairer House than Prose – 
More numerous of Windows – 
Superior – for Doors – 

Of Chambers as the Cedars – 
Impregnable of eye – 
And for an everlasting Roof 
The Gambrels of the Sky – 

Of Visitors – the fairest – 
For Occupation – This – 
The spreading wide my narrow 
Hands To gather Paradise –

When I spread my hands in the garden, I do indeed gather Paradise and with it, peace, strength, grace.


May we all find hope, whether in the garden, along the seashore, beside a lake or in the depths of the forest. May we be strengthened by the natural beauty around us. May we be blessed with visions of possibility for a better world. May we believe firmly in tomorrow. 

Blessings to all!


colleen said…
Hi Linda, Yes, feel free to use my poem with credit. I'm a gardener too!

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