The Treasure of Friendship

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[No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

After sixty odd years of life, I have come to realize that friendship is a treasure that blesses us in ways we often can't imagine.

Friends, especially those who are lifelong, bring affirmation, acceptance, laughter, and much love into our lives. Lifelong friends know us better than most. They have often seen us at our lowest moments as well as our best and still love us. They are those dear hearts, who we can call on in a moment of crisis, knowing that they will do what they can. They are those who, the moment we hear their voices, bring us to a calmer, happier and more hopeful place. 

I have been blessed with several such friends. Some are blood related, others are soul related. Time spent with them is rich in laughter, healing, silliness, more laughter and tons of love. There isn't a subject that we can't discuss. There is always good food thrown into the mix, as well as long walks or drives into nature.

Friendship in all its forms sees us through the most difficult times. Lifelong friends do this in ways that only someone close would understand. Lifelong friends have a knack for knowing when to simply sit and hold your hand, and when to say something so silly that you laugh until your sides ache. Lifelong friends know and celebrate your passions, allowing you to be YOU. They often give you support when others don't. They are your most trusted allies and confidantes. 

Friends very often become our family, especially when their love is given unconditionally. 

May we all remember to give thanks for friendship in its many forms, but most especially the friendship of lifelong friends who become family. (Or, family who become lifelong friends!) May these special relationships buoy us all in the blessings of Love, understanding and hope.


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